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5 Best Home Maintenance Tips for New Construction

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Building a house is an expensive feat. Add to it the cost of maintenance. If you are worried about your expenses, you might want to consider moving to the Rio Grande Valley, where the cost to build a custom home can be less expensive than in other areas.

Having a new home is great but can feel challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are a new homeowner. Houses, like many other things, will require timely inspections and fixing. While a newly constructed home will not need a lot of servicing, what it will need, however, is regular checks and maintenance, which will help you to preserve its value.

Regular maintenance will keep the new feeling of your house alive and save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance costs.

It can be an enormous task to learn all the home maintenance tips for new homeowners. So, in this article, we will talk about the top 5 home maintenance tips. Let’s have a look.

5 Home maintenance tips for new homeowners

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Clean your dryer vents

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Dryer vents are a dangerous fire hazard if they are not properly maintained. Dryer lint from freshly washed clothes is highly flammable and can easily catch fire even by static electricity. The lint build-up should be regularly cleaned to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

It was reported in 2014 by the National Fire Protection Association that almost 92% of house fires in the US is because of dryers. A clogged dryer vent will also make the machine inefficient; it will take more cycles for your clothes to dry, resulting in higher electricity bills. A clean dryer vent will also prevent your machine from any damage, and it will last longer.

Maintain an up-to-date smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector

Safety features are the most important part of a house. Having your smoke alarm detection system regularly checked will ensure your safety. The smoke alarms should be up to date to provide you with proper protection.

Texas has strict laws regarding smoke detectors. If you move into a newly constructed home in the Rio Grande Valley, you will find smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Be aware and test out the smoke alarms after moving into your home to ensure they are functional. Making sure that carbon monoxide detectors are functional also protects in case of a gas leak. You must ensure that these detectors are periodically maintained to keep you and your family safe.

Clean the gutters

Cleaning gutters filled with leaves and sticks.

Gutters have a very important function in a house. They direct water from the roof away to a proper drainage system. It is important to clean out debris and leaves as they tend to get collected in gutters. A clogged gutter will lead to flooding, which can ruin the very foundation of your house. It can also cause damage to the exterior walls, paint, and plants.

Sometimes, the water may even seep under the roof and cause damage to roof decks and fascia boards, making them easy access for birds and squirrels. To avoid unnecessary damage, it is recommended to get your gutters cleaned by professionals at least twice a year.

Check your home’s exterior

You should walk around the house once in a while to inspect its walls, roof, and ground. While walking around, you should check for cracks in the paint, and leaks, and if you have brick walls, you should check for missing, protruding bricks or cracked ones. You should also assess the roof to ensure no cracks or leaks. If you have tiled roofs, then make sure they are intact. Check for missing or cracked tiles.

It is also important to check the ground for any irregularity, such as cracks, as it may cause injuries. Make sure to seal and plug the cracks by caulking and call a professional to assess missing tiles and bricks. Cracks can lead to many structural issues if they are left unattended.

Change your filters

A man takes a lint filter out of the dryer and cleans it from dust, lint, hair, wool.

A man takes a lint filter out of the dryer and cleans it from dust, lint, hair, wool.

Any house equipment with filters must be checked, cleaned, and changed regularly. Especially during the first few months of moving in, the filters to the furnace, air conditioners, or air purifiers should be checked monthly as construction particles can still be present in the air.

Filters of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine should also be maintained regularly, as this will help prolong the equipment’s life and maintain efficiency. Regular maintenance will help you to avoid an expensive electricity bill as well.

Keep your home new

So, once you have moved into a new home constructed by luxury custom home builders, it is important to maintain it properly. Add years to your home by following the best home maintenance tips discussed above. For more information, don’t hesitate to speak to our professionals today.

10 Best Down Payment Saving Tips for Custom Home Construction

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A custom-home construction can be satisfying and expensive, both at the same time. According to the National Association of Realtors, a custom-made home in South Texas can cost you around $427,893, which is a lot of money to shell out. So, how do you save money when building a custom home? By utilizing money in the best way possible to save up for the down payment and cost of construction. Let’s dive deeper.

Custom home construction down payment saving tips


Keep a budget

The first step to framing a down payment savings plan is keeping a strict budget and sticking to it. Having a budget plan will help you achieve your savings goals. It will also help you understand your spending habits and financial situation. Keep track of your monthly income, list necessary expenses, and note other monthly expenses. You can also follow the 50-30-20 budget plan, where 50% of your salary can go to necessary expenses, 30% for personal uses, and 20% for savings. This rule may be difficult, but it can help you achieve your goals.

Manage your spending

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Cutting out unnecessary expenses will help to add to your savings. It may be challenging to give up on some luxury and comfort, like having your own car, going on vacations, eating out, and buying new products and clothes. However, opting for better, affordable, and cheaper options temporarily will help you save for your dream house. Some other unnecessary spending that you can cut out are gym memberships, subscriptions, and other entertainment services.

Clear off debts

Paying off all the remaining debts from car loans, credit bills, or educational loans before constructing a house will help to lessen your financial burden. Clearing off your debts will help you have a tunnel vision focus on saving most of your income for a house down payment.

Embrace cheaper rentals

Wondering how to save for a down payment while renting? How about moving, ditching the comfort of an expensive apartment and moving to a cheaper option? Moving into a cheaper apartment will help you save thousands of dollars in just a year. Renting an apartment in a less popular neighborhood will also help cut costs, as apartments are usually cheaper in more remote places than in popular towns and cities.

Save extra money

Putting every extra cent you get from work into down payment savings will help you achieve your goal faster. Whether you get bonuses for extra hours at your job or a higher pay raise, utilizing this money for saving instead of spend it on personal purposes will prove to be rewarding.

Get a second job

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Another way to pay for the cost to build a custom home in RGV is to get a second job or have several side jobs to bring in extra money. It may even be your chance to start earning from a hobby you love, such as selling artwork, receiving commissions, photography jobs, giving dance lessons or music lessons, tutoring students, etc. If you love physical exercise, animals, and kids, you can also be a physical trainer, walk dogs and babysit.

Share an apartment

Sharing an apartment is another option to save money, as the rent and other expenses can be split between two or more people. Sometimes the cost of renting a single-bedroom apartment can be just as much as a two-bedroom apartment. You will be able to save much more towards your down payment if you share a two-bedroom apartment and split the rent rather than live in a one-bedroom apartment by yourself.

Lock in the best mortgage rates

It is important to stay alert and plan ahead when it comes to mortgage rates, as they go up and down owing to external factors. It is best to keep an eye on the rates and lock in when the mortgage rates are at the lowest, as this will also help you in the future.

0% APR credit cards

interest rate

Building a home is expensive, so getting a credit card that offers 0% interest for 12 or more months is great. You can make expenses and purchases without paying interest for a year or more. Some credit cards even offer points for every dollar spent. However, making conscious decisions while purchasing with a 0% APR credit card is always recommended.

Chalk out a good construction plan

construction plan being discussed

To increase savings while constructing a custom house, having a good construction plan is ideal. A good plan involves negotiating better deals and finding a good architect and lender. Other things to consider are:

Choose quality builders

To find the perfect builders, one should consider the cost and quality they provide. The style of the house should also be considered when looking for builders.

Location matters


Finding the right location that fits your budget and understanding land rates across different states is important to save money while building a house. For example, Rio Grande Valley offers a lower living cost and a warm climate all year round.

Start saving now

So, this is how to save for a house. Undoubtedly, it will be a painstaking process, but worth it. For more information on building custom homes, contact the best luxury custom home builders today.

5 Defining Traits of a Great Home Builder

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5 Defining Traits of a Great Home Builder

When you want to start building that dream house of yours, it is essential to find the right builder. But where do you start looking? What qualities should you look for?
Here are five of the defining traits of a great home builder, to ease your way in finding a successful home builder.

1. Experience and Reputation

qualities of good home builders 1
Without a doubt, the first thing to look for in a builder that will make that company a cut above the rest, is experience and reputation. What is their reputation and how many years of experience do they have? Do they have experience in the area where you want to build? This will give them the advantage to know all there is to know about permits, licenses, and legal matters that a builder must comply with in that specific county. You can then be assured that all requirements for your home will be adhered to, without fees and penalties popping up to be paid later. If they have built houses in that area before, they will also have knowledge of the terrain, sand type, and physical surroundings. This prepares them to know what to expect and plan. Don’t be afraid to drive around, ask around and see the builder’s completed projects and gain some insight into their work and get external reviews and testimonials.

A builder that has been in business for many years and has been awarded numerous awards for their building projects certainly has a good reputation and reason to stay in business.

2. A strong support system

qualities of good home builders 2
A great builder who has been in construction in a specific area for many years will have a stellar reputation with past clients and past collaborators, and a strong support system. When maintaining healthy relationships because of exemplary work and services, they will be able to negotiate best prices on your behalf, while not compromising quality.
The internal team of this experienced and successful home builder has the skill in handling all matters relating to building your dream home. They will stay on track with timelines of design, construction, and project management from start to finish.

3. Proper Communication and Documents

qualities of good home builders 3
The great home builder will have the documents readily available from the start of the project. With your initial meeting, every requirement and need from your side will be noted. Quotes will be accurate and complete, including all aspects, and guaranteed as part of the project.
The complete process and timeline will be stipulated in writing, as well as features, decorative surfaces, colors, and fixtures according to your taste and selection. The cost of the complete building process fulfilling your needs and essential must-haves for your new home will be detailed.
A great home builder will not only have the contract and specifications between you and their company but also their own warranties and their worker’s compensation and liability policies available for you to see.
Clear and thorough documentation gives you the peace of mind that you have an honest and transparent builder you can trust with one of the most expensive personal endeavors in your life.

The building team, architect, and project manager will collaborate closely with you with an understanding of your needs, providing unique ideas, expertise, and insight with high-quality home specs. You will have details of a contact person who is involved from the start, and available to answer your questions with knowledge of your house design and the building process.

4. Quality-focused and detailed orientated

qualities of good home builders 4
The great home builder will have quality standards that match or exceed your standards for your new home. The builder and your direct contact at the company will have the necessary information at all stages of the building process, nothing should get by them.
They can foresee possible problems and find solutions even before it occurs, without placing an extra financial or emotional burden on you.
An efficient home builder will have systems and processes in place to streamline the complex process of building your home on time.

5. Committed to Customer Service

qualities of good home builders 5
The great home builder will have you in mind when planning anything regarding the building of your luxurious family home. They are aware of your timeline, your budget, your preferences, your personality, your family – and anything else influencing the designing and building of your home.
Honesty and sincerity will be part of the negotiations and execution of the building process. The home builder will be open and honest about customizations, timelines, costs, unforeseen problems, and solutions.
Where to find a great home builder? With social media today it is easy to do research and find a builder online, read testimonials and see their work. Search on the internet, get a recommendation from an acquaintance or family member or check out this link for a personalized home building experience.

This is Why You Don’t Need a Realtor When Buying a New Home

While calling up a realtor is often the first thing people do when they decide to buy or build a home, the reality is that you don’t need one to get your dream home. And sometimes, skipping the realtor can benefit you in the long run. Here are some of the reasons you don’t need a realtor when buying a new place to live.

A realtor is not legally required in Texas.

While realtors and home buying may seem inseparable, Texas does not require you to hire a real estate agent in order to obtain your home. Many real estate transactions take place without one every year, both in Texas and throughout the United States.

What you do need to successfully build your ideal home is a building partner who is committed to a personalized experience that prioritizes your idea of luxury, a dedication to your vision that makes you unafraid to ask for your want, knowledge about the process, and some organizational skills, since there are many details you will need to keep organized.

The right home builder will guide you through the entire process.

If you are buying a house without a realtor, it is true that you may desire assistance at certain points throughout the process. The good news is that you aren’t alone at any step, as long as you find the right home builder to use.

Home builders do more than just put up your new home. They can serve as a support for you throughout the entire home building process. Need financing? Want to find a place to build? Concerned about finishes? Worried about what will happen if problems arise after your home is finished? A good home builder is usually able to allay your concerns by making themselves available to answer questions and provide guidance.

With the support of a good home builder, you don’t need a real estate agent. You already have someone you can rely on to make the home building or buying process easier.

Your home builder can direct you to the home buying resources you need.

From finding a reputable lender to understanding how a construction loan works to learning which home features are most likely to add value to the home, getting a little bit of professional insight can go a long way.

However, a real estate agent isn’t the only person who has the expertise and resources you need for a successful experience. Your home builder can also serve as a valuable partner in getting you your dream residence. Here are some the ways in which their expertise and resources can make the process smoother:

  • Provide information about loans and the loan process
  • Answer your questions about the homebuilding process
  • Answer questions about finishes, layouts, and home value
  • Direct you to the best areas in which to buy or build
  • Balance your budget realities AND your home ownership vision

Want to find a central and beautiful lot within the RGV? The right builder can offer you many neighborhoods from which to choose – Or even help you build on your own lot. Looking for a lender you can trust? Home builders often have lenders they can recommend who have years of experience and competitive rates. Need advice on design and finishes? There is no one better than a home builder, who is always aware of the latest trends and more than able to ensure you get a home that will serve as a luxurious and rewarding space for many years.

Find the right home builder instead of a realtor.

You don’t need a realtor when buying a new home if you find the right home builder. So what should you look for in your home building partner? Seek someone who has these qualifications:

  • Ability to customize your home to your specifications
  • A dedication to luxury and quality in every detail
  • A passion for creativity and excellence
  • Years of experience in the style of home you desire
  • A great reputation from former clients
  • An attentive and responsive communication style
  • Superior materials and craftsmanship

Try to go beyond what every home builder claims to have: Experience and reliability. Those are critical, but in order to get a home you will love forever, you also want someone willing to build you a home that makes you feel pampered and indulged every time you step through the door.

Treviño Construction exists to deliver that personalized, indulgent, and luxurious home building experience, from the moment you decide to build until you walk into your home with very own set of keys. We work directly with your family to ensure that the home you end up with is a complete luxury lifestyle that suits you for life. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

5 Tough Questions to Ask When Hiring a Luxury Home Builder

In order to turn your dream home into a luxurious reality in the Rio Grande Valley, or elsewhere, you need a home building partner. And that means you need to vet your high-end residential builders carefully. Not every business will have the ability to create the personalized home you deserve. Here are 5 of the tough, but necessary, questions you should ask.

How much experience do you have?

The more experience a high-end residential builder has, the better equipped they will be to deliver every feature you are dreaming of in your new home. Look for a builder who has at least several years of experience, AND who has experience in the following areas:

  • Building the type of luxury homes you want for yourself
  • Building in your preferred area and/or neighborhoods

When considering the experience of luxury custom home builders, you should also look into the projects that they have completed over the years that they have been in business. This means requesting a look at their portfolio and checking their references.

Here are some questions to ask previous clients:

  • How closely did the home builder stick to your vision?
  • How smoothly did the process go?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Was the home builder attentive and responsive?
  • Did you end up with the home you wanted?
  • What challenges arose during the project, and how were they handled?
  • Was it easy to make changes and upgrades during the project?

Finally, when looking at their experience, also consider the number of projects they are working on now. You want a home builder who is active in the industry, but who also has the time to devote to your project.

Are you properly licensed and insured?

While it may feel awkward to ask about insurance matters, determining how protected your home builder is can keep you from financial difficulties and stress if something goes wrong during the project. Don’t just settle for a company that is licensed and insured. Make sure they are appropriately certified for your state and, if applicable, meet any local requirements.

In addition, you should look at their paperwork for yourself. Most honest luxury custom home builders will offer copies of their license and proof of insurance without even being asked, but if not, be sure to request those copies before you move forward with them.

How much customization is possible with your homes?

In order to bring your homebuilding vision to life, you want to customize as many details of your new residence as possible. That means finding a builder who is dedicated to your dream, your desires, and your needs throughout every step of the process.

When vetting high-end residential builders, take into account the amount of customization they can offer you. Do they have certain home styles from which you can choose or do they allow you to have more input into the design process? How many options do they have for finishes for detailing? What type of floor plans do they offer?

The more options you have, the more closely you can build a home that matches your vision. But do not just settle for a builder who gives you many options. Seek out a luxury custom home builder who is dedicated to quality options.

A truly extraordinary home is defined by quality craftsmanship and high-end materials. Does your builder invest in both? While options that match your budget are important, every material, finish, and crafted aspect of your home should be durable, beautiful, and luxurious.

Who is the point of contact during my project?

Building a luxury custom home is a long process with many decisions to be made. You can expect to have many questions as the project progresses, and you may encounter problems that require the builder’s assistance to resolve.

That is why identifying a point of contact for the project is important. Is your high-end residential builder able to provide you with the name and contact information of the person who will be overseeing the project and responsible for communicating with you? Can you meet that person before the project commences? This person should meet the following requirements:

  • They should be responsive to your questions.
  • They should be attentive.
  • They should be easy to talk to.
  • They should be available.
  • They should be able to resolve your questions and concerns.

Avoid any home builders who are not able to provide you with a point of contact with whom you feel comfortable.

What is your process for new home construction?

Before you begin a project with a home builder, you should know what to expect from the process. Here are a few important details to iron out before you hire someone:

Project Timeline

How long will your home take to complete? At what stages will you be working on the design, choosing finishes, and scheduling inspections? How often do their projects run long? And how do they handle delays and problems along the way?

Customization Deadlines

Is the company you hire able and willing to make changes and customizations after the project is underway? And if so, what deadlines are there for requesting those changes?

Financing Details

How much will it cost to build a custom home in the RGV? Can your builder direct you to reliable sources to discuss and set up financing for your new home? Can they recommend lenders for pre-qualification? How does financing work, and when will I know the final cost of my home?

Inspections and Walkthroughs

When do inspections and walkthroughs occur? What are your options for dealing with problems that may arise at those times?

Your Responsibilities

What responsibilities do you have during the process? What deadlines do you have to be aware of? How will you receive updates and information about the project? Are you welcome on the construction site during the project?

A reliable, experienced and attentive builder will be the partner you need to create your perfect home. Know what to ask luxury home builders, and remember to turn to Treviño Construction for a truly personalized home building experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in South Texas?

Custom Home South Texas

Buying a home or building a custom home is a hallmark of the American dream. Everyone wants to live in a home that they own. The latest data from the National Association of Realtors shows that the average price of buying an existing single-family home is $271,300. In contrast, the average cost of building a custom home is almost double that of $427,893.

While buying a home seems easier on the pocket, building your own custom home gives you the freedom to personalize every inch of the house to your liking. So if you’re willing to dig deeper into your pocket to build the ideal home, why not go down to South Texas to build one?

Why South Texas?

South Texas is one of the most frequented places owing to its attractive tourist destinations and recreational opportunities. It is also famous for its strong Hispanic cultural influences, especially in architecture. Comparatively, building a custom home in South Texas is also quite affordable compared to other areas of the country.

Many people moving into South Texas from other states like California sell their homes and buy larger homes or build new and better ones for just a little more than half the price. This makes it an ideal location among others when it comes to building a custom home. So how much does it cost to build a home in South Texas? To answer this, there are several factors and hidden costs that you need to consider.

Factors To Consider While Making Cost Estimates For Building A House

  • The location of your home
  • The cost of labor in your area
  • Pricing differences among the different regions
  • Home type and size
  • The different building materials and products you choose to use
  • Use of modern or custom designs
  • Other miscellaneous costs
  • Price hikes due to the pandemic

With these in mind, let’s follow the steps while building a custom home to get a better idea.

STEP 1. Obtaining A Plot Of Land

Building a house requires a plot of land. If you already don’t own one, then you’ll need to look for one to purchase. Most average single-family homes are built on a half-acre lot, so that would be an ideal comparison base while looking for a new one. There are mainly two types of land in Texas: subdivided lots and raw land. Depending on the city and the size of the plot, the costs of each type of land may vary.

Subdivided lots are fully finished lots in cities that feature roads and various utilities most of the time. The actual land, however, is platted. Subdivided lots can range from $30,000 to over $300,000 for 1-acre depending on the area, community, or city. Subdivided land costs are more when you factor in other features and utilities, surveyor costs, septic tank installation costs, grading, roads, etc.

Raw lands are undivided plots of land. These types of land are cheaper by the acre, but they are costlier to develop when you factor in utilities, grading, and roads. Such types of land can range from $7,000 per acre to over $50,000 per acre for larger tracts. This may seem like a cut-price compared to subdivided lots, but the cost of developing these raw plots brings their actual cost up to par with subdivided lots.

STEP 2. Obtaining Building Permits

Building permits are essential before you can start building a home. The cost of obtaining a building permit ranges between $400 and $4,000, depending on the location of your land. Usually, getting permits in rural areas is cheaper, and costs can vary widely depending on local regulations.

STEP 3. Creating A Construction Budget

Single-family homes on the mid-levels usually take up around 2500 to 3000 square feet of space. San Antonio, the fastest-growing city in South Texas, has an average of $160 per square foot. Other cities are comparatively cheaper, around $100 to $140. This gives you an estimate of the total cost of building a house, which can vary from $260,000 to $400,000.

All these costs, however, vary according to different factors. For example, while the house structure and exterior finishing make up the bulk of the total budget, you should allocate around 25% of the total budget towards interior finishing. Given below are some of the different expenses that factor into the total amount.

  • Foundation work

Foundation work involves breaking ground on your new home, and it will usually cost you anywhere from $4,500 to $21,000 when pouring a concrete foundation.

  • Finishes and fixtures

There are many options when you consider finishes and fixtures. While some basic packages may start at $90/square feet, luxury packages can hit up to $1100/square feet.

  • Type of roof

Installing new roofs can cost up to $7,300. However, the prices increase if you go for options such as slate roofing.

  • Appliances

Appliances like smart home features can cost you from $50 to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality. Moreover, you’ll also need to factor in the electrical wiring and water plumbing costs as part of your budget estimates.

With all these different estimates and expenses in mind, now you have a better idea of how to plan your budget for your custom home construction. While the cost of building your own custom home may seem hefty compared to buying a new house, it is suddenly worth every penny you spend. In addition, there may be parts of the new house that you may be tempted to change for a few thousand dollars or more. Factoring this in mind, building your own custom home may be the ideal decision while opting for a new place to stay.

How Affordable Luxury Redefines the Concept of Homeownership

Affordable luxury home interior

The word ‘luxury’ is often associated with ‘expensive.’ After all, luxuries tend to be expensive, and not everyone can easily afford them. That has been the case in the real estate industry too, where luxury homes are priced well above the million-dollar mark, catering only to the rich and elite class individuals with high net worth.

However, in the past few years, the concept of luxury housing has changed, gradually shifting towards the demands of middle-class property buyers as well. In the present day and age, luxury homes are no longer just within the financial reach of the rich upper class. As affordable luxury housing is gaining a lot of traction in the real estate market, it has redefined the concept of homeownership, allowing even middle-class buyers to enjoy the comfort of a luxurious residence.

What is Affordable Luxury Housing?

Affordable luxury housing is, in simple words, a property that features high-end features and amenities but for a relatively lower price than that of a luxury home. What are these ‘high-end features and amenities that you can expect in an affordable luxury home? Well, that varies from one property to another. Still, you can certainly expect some common attributes such as a larger area, beautiful interior design, master bedroom and master bath, patio, and even additional facilities such as bar and swimming pool.

But you don’t have to cross the seven-figure mark for such houses as many affordable luxury homes in the Rio Grade Valley are within the range of $350k to $600k. In fact, you can even find some luxury homes at around $200k that feature over 1500 square feet of area with three or more bedrooms. No wonder such properties immediately capture the attention of many potential buyers.

Why is Affordable Luxury Gaining Popularity in the Real Estate Market?

The simple reason there is so much interest in affordable luxury in the real estate market these days is ‘demand.’ There’s a huge population of middle-class individuals who would love to enjoy some luxurious amenities but for a price within their budget. Realtors and builders have acknowledged this growing demand among such buyers, and so they have started showing interest in affordable luxury housing projects.

And the prospect of enjoying high-end facilities in their homes is lucrative for middle-class buyers, so that makes it much easier to sell affordable luxury homes. Thus, the increasing demand among buyers has led to the growing popularity of affordable luxury in the real estate market.

What Are the Essential Aspects of Affordable Luxury Housing?

Affordable luxury home exteriorHere’s what you can expect from an affordable luxury home:

Relatively lower prices

Obviously, this is the main factor that classifies a property as an affordable luxury – they are much cheaper than premium luxury homes. For example, in South Texas, you can purchase a $2,800 square foot custom home from the $250’s.

Posh localities

Much like most luxurious homes, even properties that are considered affordable luxury are still situated primarily in posh localities. Picturesque, lush green suburbs are often perfect settings for such properties.

Large Space

One of the main attractions of affordable luxury homes is very spacious, often featuring more than 1500 square feet of area. At the very least, you can expect upwards of 1000 square feet.

High-end Amenities

We already highlighted some of the modern amenities that you can expect in luxury homes. They may also feature modern technology such as advanced security systems and IoT integrated equipment in many cases.

How has Affordable Luxury Redefined the Concept of Homeownership?

This concept of affordable luxury housing has filled a massive gap between the middle class and rich upper class in terms of the scale of properties they can afford and aspire to purchase. It has redefined the notion of ‘luxury equals super expensive.’ It has had such a huge impact because the target buyers for affordable luxury housing, which is the middle-class individuals, make up a much larger percentage of the population compared to high-net-worth individuals.

And it’s not just about the buyers and what they can afford now. Even sellers, realtors, and builders focus on affordable luxury because it allows them to cater to a more extensive customer base and not just the limited number of elite-class buyers.

Final Words

In present times, when you dream of a house with luxurious features and facilities like lavish interiors, large spaces, gyms, and swimming pools, it’s not necessary to rake out millions of dollars to enjoy all these luxuries. With the rise of affordable luxury housing in the real estate market, even middle-class buyers can now aspire to own a luxurious home with modern conveniences within a reasonable six-figure price.

What to Know Before Moving to the Rio Grande Valley

Bird eye view of Rio Grande Valley highway

More and more city people are flocking to the Rio Grande Valley’s oasis, where they can say goodbye to the continual clamor of life in the urban areas and welcome a more tranquil experience surrounded by nature, conveniences, a booming job market, cheap living, and more. Here are some things you should know about moving to Rio de Grande Valley!

Lower Living Costs

According to Sperling’s Best Places to Live, the Rio Grande Valley is one of the most price-friendly places to live in the state, with a living cost of roughly 82.9 in McAllen, TX, compared to Houston, which scored 98.2 versus the national average.

A Warm Year-Round Atmosphere

The Rio Grande Valley’s moderate subtropical temperatures are typically cited as one of the top reasons for migrating there, with pleasant, moderate winter temperatures lasting from November to April. Though summer temperatures can rise, the average high is still 85.7ºF. Once you have arrived, you may put your winter clothing away until the next time you want to visit the north.

Small Town Living with Big City Conveniences

You get the perfect blend of a big city and a small town in the Rio Grande Valley. There are several large shopping malls, such as the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets and the La Plaza Mall, and superb food and entertainment options for the entire family. Nevertheless, with nature everywhere around you, you will notice that life is a little peaceful here.

Job Market and Employers

The work environment in the Rio Grande Valley continues to improve in a variety of fields. HEB Food and Drug Stores, BBVA Compass Bank, McAllen ISD, South Texas College, University of Texas-Pan American, and other major local companies are all established in the Valley.

Geographical Diversification

The Lower Rio Grande Valley, located near Texas’ southernmost edge, is a subarea of the Gulf Coastal Plains, with habitats ranging from beaches to a tropical location of interconnecting resacas, stretches of farmland, and hills in the west. Here, you will be connected to a wide array of geographies.

Texans in the Winter

The Rio Grande Valley is a popular winter and springtime getaway for visitors from October to April. Every winter, the population grows by 100,000 or more as individuals from the colder states come here for a vacation. That is not something you will find in Austin or many other Texan cities.

Exceptional Produce

There is no section of road here where you cannot stop and get some of the state’s healthiest vegetables. Farm-to-table freshness is the way of living here, with a year-round harvest season. Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Fireman’s Park, the Growing Growers Farmers Market opens. It is a terrific location to shop. Weslaco, Pharr, Brownsville, and South Padre Island all have weekly farmer’s markets.

Market for Low-Cost Housing

The Rio Grande Valley is one of Texas’ most cost-effective real estate markets. According to, the typical average selling price for homes on the market in Mission, TX is $180k, with an average closing price of $124k, against $400k for properties in Dallas.

Homes here are increasing in value, with a rise of 11.68 percent in the previous two years and 3.47 percent in the last quarter, making this an excellent place to purchase or build a new house.

Higher Education and Schools

For families considering relocating, education is always a critical factor. They can opt to stay nearby to several higher education options such as the Texas Southmost College, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Texas State Technical College, and South Texas College, as well as the exceptional IDEA Public Schools. Schools and colleges are amongst the area’s largest employers.

All in all, the Rio Grande Valley lifestyle offers the best experience, combining the warmth of a small-town community with a thriving culture and arts community.

You will discover a chance to pursue what your heart desires in McAllen, TX, and the outlying areas, including birdwatching, listening to live music, participating in carnivals and cultural events, discovering rare butterflies, exploring museums and art galleries, biking and hiking miles of forest trails, and many other activities.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Build a Home in 2021

Ah! Finally, 2020 is about to end, and we can’t be happier. 2020 was one hell of a year. Social distancing, masks, lockdowns, and whatnot?

But one thing that 2020 taught us is to have your home – the one you call your own, the one you can practice work-from-home from, and the one you can relax yourself in amid tough lockdowns and other situations.

So, let’s welcome 2021 with all the positivity and hope. Here are the top 7 reasons you should build a new home in 2021.

Property value never depreciates

The main reason people invest in real estate is that the value (almost) never depreciates. And this has been true during the pandemic as well. Even the lockdowns and economic recession haven’t been able to put a dent in the housing market.

Going by the stats, property rates have increased two-fold since the last two years. A report published by the National Association of Realtors suggested that the existing home sales hit an all-time high since December 2006. This means that people are still buying and selling homes, even in the pandemic recession.

So if you’re building a home in 2021 intending to sell it later in the future (yes, we know you don’t want to sell it, just in the worst-case scenario), then just know that you’ll never incur a loss.

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low

Contrary to the property value going up, the mortgage rates have hit an all-time low. Since the beginning of 2020, the drop seen in December is the 15th for the year.

Freddie Mac reported that the FRM rates have dropped by one percentage point to 2.59% (15-year FRM) and 3.13% (30-year FRM).

Therefore, banks are offering cheaper rates on mortgage loans. This means that getting financing for building your home in 2021 has become easy.

Since the economy has started to recover, you never know when the price may go back up. So it’s best to build a house in the early part of 2021. The sooner, the better.

Leverage the pandemic sale

Building a home isn’t only limited to plots, bricks, cement, and all those things. You’d also have to purchase carpets, electronics, furniture, and other essentials that make up a luxury home.

The pandemic has forced several consumer sectors to roll out cheaper variants to stay competitive. Not only companies but consumers too are demanding discounts on products.

You can take advantage of this pandemic sale and buy products and materials at cheaper rates for your home.

Save money on rent

If you do not own a house, then you must be living on a rented property. This means thousands of dollars of bills every month. The average monthly rent for an apartment in the US was about $1,400-1,500 in 2017. Factor in the inflation rate today, plus additional expenses like application fee, security deposits, pet deposits, insurance, among others.

By having your own house, you’ll be saving those expenses every month. For example, saving $1,500 every month means you’ll save $18,000 every year. You can reinvest that somewhere else and reap dividends.

Earn money from rent

By owning a house, you create an additional income source for yourself. You can rent out part of your home to a tenant and receive monthly recurring payments from him/her.

Renting out to tourists is also another option. When the travel industry is back to its feet, travelers will be looking for low-cost accommodation options. You can list the rooms on services like AirBnb, Homestay, and Couchsurfing, and get paid.

If renting out to tourists is why you’re building a home, you should consider building a high-end luxury construction as vacation rental property for higher profits.

Receive tax breaks

Almost no one likes paying taxes, especially when it’s in the higher percentages. Real estate is one of the best ways to receive tax deductions in the US. Therefore, many people prefer to invest in them and REITs.

The tax benefits you receive for building a house are associated with:

  • Mortgage interest
  • Property tax
  • Operating expenses
  • Depreciation
  • Repairs

When you combine these verticals, you’ll see that you’re saving a lot of money with tax breaks in the longer term. There are also capital gains to be made when you sell your house in the future.

Get a customized home in 2021

Custom homes are personalized and hence allow you to express your creativity. From the kitchen to the living room, you have complete control over the design. Not only in design, but you also have power from a budget standpoint.

You’ll also realize the value of a customized home when you’re trying to sell. People value creativity for which you can charge more.

Your turn

There you go, those were the top 7 reasons you should consider buying a custom home in 2021. As the year is about to end, now is the best time to kickstart your 2021 positively and buy a home. What are your views on this? Do you have any questions or want to discuss anything? We are here to help you out. Contact us today!

Royal Grande Package Walkthrough – Transitional Design RGV

Royal Grande Package

What Do We Mean When We Talk About A Royal Grande Package

The design of a luxury home is imposing and inviting. Massive driveways, sprawling backyards and expansive interiors make for a home that overwhelms you. At Trevino Construction we spoil our clients for choice. Not only do they get the best home-building packages but also the freedom to customize every aspect of the house – from choosing color schemes and hand-picked lighting to lasting building materials.

With the Royal Grande Package our bottom-line is affordable luxury. At $67 per square foot, we are the most affordable builder in the valley.

Some of the most important parts of the house are the foyer, the living and dining spaces, the kitchen, master bedrooms and baths. We help you customize each of these rooms for ultimate comfort.

Here are some of the features included in Royal Grande Package, one of our three highly sought after and coveted new home packages.


The entrance to any house should be impressive. Our foyers essentially give off this vibe with huge archways and strikingly lofty ceilings, as high as 13 feet in some houses. High doors, mantles, niche lights, ceiling details, sometimes accented with a chandelier, make for an entrance that’s classy and private.

Living Rooms

We make it a point to construct open living rooms that receive a lot of natural light, is accessible easily from other rooms and lends an upbeat atmosphere to the house. Lots of people love entertaining guests and so they choose to build a bar. We help bring the living room alive with custom tiles, soft lights and a flooring of their choice, with red oak being a popular pick.


Kitchens are the oasis around which friends and family gather and bond over good food and fond memories. Innovative cabinets, a walk-in pantry, and granite counters make the kitchen stylish and practical. The dining area is often placed near large windows to let in the natural light and make for a dynamic view.


We offer customized bedroom and walk-in closets for him and her. You can ask for a private wing within the master. Hallways open into the masters that are decorated with hand-drawn ceiling designs. The closets come with lots of open shelves, racks and plenty of space. Here too you find our signature gold-leafing and two-tone walls for an additional bit of grandeur.


The restrooms are compact spaces with massive showers and a sitting area. Closets, sinks and drop-down vanities combine with bath tiles and glasswork that seamlessly blend to give it an almost spa-like feel.


There are indefinite numbers of customization available. Color schemes and custom finishes appear throughout the house and tie the design together. You can also find two-tone paints, gold foiling and an overall sophisticated look.

Crystal glass on the cabinetry, extra guest room with restrooms or half-baths, stainless steel sinks, additional hooks and shelves for the mudroom and laundry, open kitchen designs integrated into the plan and a host of other on-demand features make it a one-of-a-kind home for your family.

We put in the ‘wow’ factor in the design and move you to the home that’s part of the American Dream you’ve always wanted to live. We even help you streamline your finances and get approved for loans. To take advantage of this unbeatable package and start building your dream home, get in touch with us today.