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How Affordable Luxury Redefines the Concept of Homeownership

Affordable luxury home interior

The word ‘luxury’ is often associated with ‘expensive.’ After all, luxuries tend to be expensive, and not everyone can easily afford them. That has been the case in the real estate industry too, where luxury homes are priced well above the million-dollar mark, catering only to the rich and elite class individuals with high net worth.

However, in the past few years, the concept of luxury housing has changed, gradually shifting towards the demands of middle-class property buyers as well. In the present day and age, luxury homes are no longer just within the financial reach of the rich upper class. As affordable luxury housing is gaining a lot of traction in the real estate market, it has redefined the concept of homeownership, allowing even middle-class buyers to enjoy the comfort of a luxurious residence.

What is Affordable Luxury Housing?

Affordable luxury housing is, in simple words, a property that features high-end features and amenities but for a relatively lower price than that of a luxury home. What are these ‘high-end features and amenities that you can expect in an affordable luxury home? Well, that varies from one property to another. Still, you can certainly expect some common attributes such as a larger area, beautiful interior design, master bedroom and master bath, patio, and even additional facilities such as bar and swimming pool.

But you don’t have to cross the seven-figure mark for such houses as many affordable luxury homes in the Rio Grade Valley are within the range of $350k to $600k. In fact, you can even find some luxury homes at around $200k that feature over 1500 square feet of area with three or more bedrooms. No wonder such properties immediately capture the attention of many potential buyers.

Why is Affordable Luxury Gaining Popularity in the Real Estate Market?

The simple reason there is so much interest in affordable luxury in the real estate market these days is ‘demand.’ There’s a huge population of middle-class individuals who would love to enjoy some luxurious amenities but for a price within their budget. Realtors and builders have acknowledged this growing demand among such buyers, and so they have started showing interest in affordable luxury housing projects.

And the prospect of enjoying high-end facilities in their homes is lucrative for middle-class buyers, so that makes it much easier to sell affordable luxury homes. Thus, the increasing demand among buyers has led to the growing popularity of affordable luxury in the real estate market.

What Are the Essential Aspects of Affordable Luxury Housing?

Affordable luxury home exteriorHere’s what you can expect from an affordable luxury home:

Relatively lower prices

Obviously, this is the main factor that classifies a property as an affordable luxury – they are much cheaper than premium luxury homes. For example, in South Texas, you can purchase a $2,800 square foot custom home from the $250’s.

Posh localities

Much like most luxurious homes, even properties that are considered affordable luxury are still situated primarily in posh localities. Picturesque, lush green suburbs are often perfect settings for such properties.

Large Space

One of the main attractions of affordable luxury homes is very spacious, often featuring more than 1500 square feet of area. At the very least, you can expect upwards of 1000 square feet.

High-end Amenities

We already highlighted some of the modern amenities that you can expect in luxury homes. They may also feature modern technology such as advanced security systems and IoT integrated equipment in many cases.

How has Affordable Luxury Redefined the Concept of Homeownership?

This concept of affordable luxury housing has filled a massive gap between the middle class and rich upper class in terms of the scale of properties they can afford and aspire to purchase. It has redefined the notion of ‘luxury equals super expensive.’ It has had such a huge impact because the target buyers for affordable luxury housing, which is the middle-class individuals, make up a much larger percentage of the population compared to high-net-worth individuals.

And it’s not just about the buyers and what they can afford now. Even sellers, realtors, and builders focus on affordable luxury because it allows them to cater to a more extensive customer base and not just the limited number of elite-class buyers.

Final Words

In present times, when you dream of a house with luxurious features and facilities like lavish interiors, large spaces, gyms, and swimming pools, it’s not necessary to rake out millions of dollars to enjoy all these luxuries. With the rise of affordable luxury housing in the real estate market, even middle-class buyers can now aspire to own a luxurious home with modern conveniences within a reasonable six-figure price.

Royal Grande Package Walkthrough – Transitional Design RGV

Royal Grande Package

What Do We Mean When We Talk About A Royal Grande Package

The design of a luxury home is imposing and inviting. Massive driveways, sprawling backyards and expansive interiors make for a home that overwhelms you. At Trevino Construction we spoil our clients for choice. Not only do they get the best home-building packages but also the freedom to customize every aspect of the house – from choosing color schemes and hand-picked lighting to lasting building materials.

With the Royal Grande Package our bottom-line is affordable luxury. At $67 per square foot, we are the most affordable builder in the valley.

Some of the most important parts of the house are the foyer, the living and dining spaces, the kitchen, master bedrooms and baths. We help you customize each of these rooms for ultimate comfort.

Here are some of the features included in Royal Grande Package, one of our three highly sought after and coveted new home packages.


The entrance to any house should be impressive. Our foyers essentially give off this vibe with huge archways and strikingly lofty ceilings, as high as 13 feet in some houses. High doors, mantles, niche lights, ceiling details, sometimes accented with a chandelier, make for an entrance that’s classy and private.

Living Rooms

We make it a point to construct open living rooms that receive a lot of natural light, is accessible easily from other rooms and lends an upbeat atmosphere to the house. Lots of people love entertaining guests and so they choose to build a bar. We help bring the living room alive with custom tiles, soft lights and a flooring of their choice, with red oak being a popular pick.


Kitchens are the oasis around which friends and family gather and bond over good food and fond memories. Innovative cabinets, a walk-in pantry, and granite counters make the kitchen stylish and practical. The dining area is often placed near large windows to let in the natural light and make for a dynamic view.


We offer customized bedroom and walk-in closets for him and her. You can ask for a private wing within the master. Hallways open into the masters that are decorated with hand-drawn ceiling designs. The closets come with lots of open shelves, racks and plenty of space. Here too you find our signature gold-leafing and two-tone walls for an additional bit of grandeur.


The restrooms are compact spaces with massive showers and a sitting area. Closets, sinks and drop-down vanities combine with bath tiles and glasswork that seamlessly blend to give it an almost spa-like feel.


There are indefinite numbers of customization available. Color schemes and custom finishes appear throughout the house and tie the design together. You can also find two-tone paints, gold foiling and an overall sophisticated look.

Crystal glass on the cabinetry, extra guest room with restrooms or half-baths, stainless steel sinks, additional hooks and shelves for the mudroom and laundry, open kitchen designs integrated into the plan and a host of other on-demand features make it a one-of-a-kind home for your family.

We put in the ‘wow’ factor in the design and move you to the home that’s part of the American Dream you’ve always wanted to live. We even help you streamline your finances and get approved for loans. To take advantage of this unbeatable package and start building your dream home, get in touch with us today.

What Is a Luxury Home?

Luxurious residence in south Texas

If you are currently looking to buy a house or just flipping through a magazine, luxury homes must have caught your attention. They promise astonishing views and feature grand designs and finishes.

While most of them are genuine, many advertisements or agents oversell the concept and boast of luxury, which the buyers only understand when moving in. So, what differentiates a high-end home from an ordinary one?

What Does a Luxury Home Entail?

The top 3 considerations for a home to be considered a high-end construction are:

Square Footage

The higher the area of a house, the more luxurious it is. More space equals more rooms, more features installed, extra space for guests or staff, entertainment corners, and large outdoor living areas.

Style or History

If the home has a famous story behind its construction or is well-known for its architectural style, it carries a lot of prestige. Sometimes the previous owners also lend a piece of property its prominence.

Optimal Location

Real estate prices shoot up depending on location – more so in case of a luxury home. These homes are situated in the most desirable places near a bustling city or high-net-worth areas across the country.

Given these points, it is no wonder that luxury homes have a higher price tag than the rest. However, not every pricey house can be a luxury home.

Exceptional Aspects of a Luxury Home

For a home to offer pure opulence, it has the following luxurious aspects:

Spacious Master Suite

Home is where people feel comfortable after a weary day at work or travel. And when they have a luxurious abode, they would want to incorporate every aspect that can relieve them from the troubles of their modern lifestyles.

For many, “luxury” means products, amenities, and features that are available in spas, resorts, and similar places they would go to relax. Large bedrooms attached with master baths with hot tubs, beveled mirrors, soothing dimmer lights, and more to enhance your calming and personal time are the norm.

In addition to multiple shower-heads, bubblers, separate steam rooms, and saunas, the bathrooms are built to suit the owner’s tastes to match innovation with functionality. Touchscreens, rotating mirrors in the master suite, or the bathroom doubling as TV screens, provide unlimited entertainment in your cozy nook.

Not to forget the walk-in closets and dressing rooms with glass cabinets that allow you to showcase your favorite pieces of garments, shoes, and purses.

High-Quality Materials

Not everything is about the size. In matters of luxury, quality goes hand-in-hand with quantity. If you have a large home and ample rooms, but they are not of exceptional quality, they cannot be called elegant. The use of premium materials is of the utmost importance when choosing a luxury home.

From wooden herringbone floors, state-of-the-art smart home systems, or straight-out-of-the-museum decoration to Italian marble countertops and stainless-steel appliances for your gourmet kitchen, high-end homes offer top-quality elements.

Exotic kitchen layouts are always in trend; they help transform your culinary sessions and invite the whole family into a warm, loving space to cook together, enjoy the delicacies, and strengthen your bonds.

Advanced Tech Systems

Convenience is at the core of luxury constructions. Remote-controlled blinds and curtains to shield you from the harsh sun rays, programmable thermostats, motion sensors for lights, taps, automated cleaning systems for the pool, and home are but a few smart types of equipment that you cannot do without.

Wireless speakers, in-built, internet-connected security appliances, and other cutting-edge tech features can help you control and monitor every corner of the home without moving from your spot.

Home theater, video gaming rooms, and hi-tech fitness facilities have become must-haves on the property. When you have impromptu social gatherings, parts of the home can be transformed into recreational areas at the drop of a hat. Folding, retractable walls, or transforming furniture and other futuristic aspects also see a rise.

Custom Designs and Amenities

Luxury homes break the cookie-cutter designs in more than one way. Amenities that you rarely find in a private property, such as your tennis court, swimming pool with a natural landscape design that magically takes you into nature, can be installed in a luxury home. They bridge the gap between private and public conveniences.

And these architectural elements are not limited to classic designs, but even outrageous ideas like rock-climbing walls can be incorporated. Luxury constructions offer a high level of customization, without compromising on the craftsmanship.

Are you inspired by the Gothic-themed high ceilings, or maybe the distinctive Grecian archways? If you have a dream, reliable builders have a way to fit it into the construction.

Outdoor Living Experience

Luxury homes have upscale additions in the backyards that enhance the property’s value and deliver an ultimate outdoor living experience. Seeing as a swimming pool is almost a given in any home, a pool house and deck offer excellent opportunities to spend your time enjoying the beautiful nature.

One of the hottest luxury trends is to bring the indoors out – meaning, an outdoor room and a full-size outdoor kitchen create lavish exteriors that reflect the homeowner’s preferences. And there are no restrictions on what goes and what stays in the design.
Covered patios, pergolas, and outdoor fireplaces not only look stunning but also turn any ordinary backyard into a luxury retreat. Being in a tranquil setting surrounded by the green landscape on a lazy afternoon gives you the much-deserved vacation right at your home.

Top-Notch Security System

No doubt, all the added features that luxury homes have are hard to find in other residences, which may attract unwanted attention. And sometimes, a high-value property can be an easy target for burglars.

So, this situation calls for appropriate security systems, which offer 24/7 security and property monitoring. Some extraordinary elements of these security systems include speedy notifications to the authorities, reduced false alarms, and more.


Swanky neighborhoods, proximity to major business outlets, extravagant designs maybe some of the reasons why luxury homes are more coveted than others on the market. If you wish to sample all the outrageous and incomparable amenities, why not look for what’s on the market today? Contact Trevino Construction, your luxury home builders in the Valley!