Discover The Perfect Luxury Home Locations

Once you have planned your ideal home with an experienced luxury home builder, you must find the perfect location for your dream home. A big part of the building process is selecting the location of your new home. McAllen, a city in the southernmost tip of Texas, is a vibrant and diverse community that appeals to families, professionals, and retirees. It is nestled near the Mexican border, which is the safest in the US. McAllen is also accessible from all over, with convenient access to highways, an international airport, and within proximity of other significant Texas cities. The prime location of McAllen makes it the ideal choice to build your dream luxury home in one of the upscale neighborhoods in McAllen. Combined with the expertise of the region’s luxury builder, Trevino  Construction, you cannot go wrong. Learn more about some of  McAllen’s luxury, upscale neighborhoods.

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Fairway Grande

Fairway Grande is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of McAllen, between East St, George Avenue and East Nassau Avenue. From here, you have easy access to Interstate 2, and the McAllen International Airport is very close. This upscale neighborhood contains a country club, shopping facilities, and entertainment.

Royal Oak Estates

Royal Oak Estates is a family-friendly area. It has three excellent schools, and The University of Texas, Rio Grande Vallet, is nearby. This neighborhood is in the northeast part of McAllen and adjoins Colonel Rowe Boulevard with Trenton Road. Within a mile or two in either direction, you have the best restaurants, shops, grocery, and other stores for all your needs. Its central location makes all major routes and the airport easily accessible. With the neighborhood living up to its name, you drive in streets lined with beautiful Oak Trees and experience tranquility and beauty. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in McAllen and one of the safest.

Tuscan Estates

Tuscan Estate is an exclusive gated upscale suburban neighborhood in McAllen. The real estate comprises three or four-medium-sized family homes to larger five or more-bedroom family homes that are owner-occupied. The community is unique regarding occupations and cultural groups, as 54% of people speak English there, and the other languages include Spanish and Korean. Most people with an executive lifestyle, managers, and professionals live there, making it among the 15% highest income neighborhoods. It is also popular with active retirees and college students. Travel time to major business areas in McAllen is more or less 15 minutes, one of the shortest commutes in the US. It is an affluent neighborhood with safety and accessibility.

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Country Club Terrace

Country Club Terrace is an upscale community in McAllen with quality education, activities for the family and a family-friendly country club with amazing recreational activities for all. Homes are usually small to medium-sized dwellings occupied by a mixture of renters or owners. The income varies from wealthy to middle class, with 41% of the working population employed in executive management and professional occupations. The neighborhood is within proximity to highways and essential routes.

London Court

London Court is a family-friendly neighborhood that is well-maintained. Many trees lined the roads giving it a peaceful homely feel. There are many grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants in this upscale neighborhood of London Court and some of the top schools nearby. The International Airport is a mere 15 minutes from London Court, with easy highway access, making it an ideal neighborhood to settle in.

Whalen Acres

Another upscale neighborhood is Whalen Acres. A suburban neighborhood with bigger established family homes, built between 1970 and 1999, on larger properties, although new luxury homes are still being built in this area. Various corporate businesspeople live there, and it is also popular with retirees. The peace and quiet, safety from crime, diverse housing options, and many amenities offer potential buyers the ideal place to settle in this area.


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McAllen offers an array of other upscale neighborhoods to cater to the luxury homeowner to settle. There are exclusive gated communities to picturesque estates to choose from. With a growing economy, it is the perfect place to settle with a young family, as professionals or retirees – there is space for all. It offers green spaces and maintains a connection with nature through walking trails, parks, lush landscaping, and a serene environment to unwind. There is a rich cultural scene with vibrant entertainment. McAllen also boasts excellent educational institutions within reach of all neighborhoods.

Contact Trevino Construction for advice and assistance to settle in one of the upscale neighborhoods in McAllen. Trevino Construction, a legacy of excellence within the luxury home market, profoundly understands McAllen’s local real estate market and is equally dedicated to promoting sustainable building practices, offering eco-friendly features that cater to environmentally conscious homeowners and create your luxury home in an upscale neighborhood.