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5 Best Home Maintenance Tips for New Construction

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Building a house is an expensive feat. Add to it the cost of maintenance. If you are worried about your expenses, you might want to consider moving to the Rio Grande Valley, where the cost to build a custom home can be less expensive than in other areas.

Having a new home is great but can feel challenging and overwhelming, especially if you are a new homeowner. Houses, like many other things, will require timely inspections and fixing. While a newly constructed home will not need a lot of servicing, what it will need, however, is regular checks and maintenance, which will help you to preserve its value.

Regular maintenance will keep the new feeling of your house alive and save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance costs.

It can be an enormous task to learn all the home maintenance tips for new homeowners. So, in this article, we will talk about the top 5 home maintenance tips. Let’s have a look.

5 Home maintenance tips for new homeowners

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Clean your dryer vents

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Dryer vents are a dangerous fire hazard if they are not properly maintained. Dryer lint from freshly washed clothes is highly flammable and can easily catch fire even by static electricity. The lint build-up should be regularly cleaned to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

It was reported in 2014 by the National Fire Protection Association that almost 92% of house fires in the US is because of dryers. A clogged dryer vent will also make the machine inefficient; it will take more cycles for your clothes to dry, resulting in higher electricity bills. A clean dryer vent will also prevent your machine from any damage, and it will last longer.

Maintain an up-to-date smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector

Safety features are the most important part of a house. Having your smoke alarm detection system regularly checked will ensure your safety. The smoke alarms should be up to date to provide you with proper protection.

Texas has strict laws regarding smoke detectors. If you move into a newly constructed home in the Rio Grande Valley, you will find smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Be aware and test out the smoke alarms after moving into your home to ensure they are functional. Making sure that carbon monoxide detectors are functional also protects in case of a gas leak. You must ensure that these detectors are periodically maintained to keep you and your family safe.

Clean the gutters

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Gutters have a very important function in a house. They direct water from the roof away to a proper drainage system. It is important to clean out debris and leaves as they tend to get collected in gutters. A clogged gutter will lead to flooding, which can ruin the very foundation of your house. It can also cause damage to the exterior walls, paint, and plants.

Sometimes, the water may even seep under the roof and cause damage to roof decks and fascia boards, making them easy access for birds and squirrels. To avoid unnecessary damage, it is recommended to get your gutters cleaned by professionals at least twice a year.

Check your home’s exterior

You should walk around the house once in a while to inspect its walls, roof, and ground. While walking around, you should check for cracks in the paint, and leaks, and if you have brick walls, you should check for missing, protruding bricks or cracked ones. You should also assess the roof to ensure no cracks or leaks. If you have tiled roofs, then make sure they are intact. Check for missing or cracked tiles.

It is also important to check the ground for any irregularity, such as cracks, as it may cause injuries. Make sure to seal and plug the cracks by caulking and call a professional to assess missing tiles and bricks. Cracks can lead to many structural issues if they are left unattended.

Change your filters

A man takes a lint filter out of the dryer and cleans it from dust, lint, hair, wool.

A man takes a lint filter out of the dryer and cleans it from dust, lint, hair, wool.

Any house equipment with filters must be checked, cleaned, and changed regularly. Especially during the first few months of moving in, the filters to the furnace, air conditioners, or air purifiers should be checked monthly as construction particles can still be present in the air.

Filters of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine should also be maintained regularly, as this will help prolong the equipment’s life and maintain efficiency. Regular maintenance will help you to avoid an expensive electricity bill as well.

Keep your home new

So, once you have moved into a new home constructed by luxury custom home builders, it is important to maintain it properly. Add years to your home by following the best home maintenance tips discussed above. For more information, don’t hesitate to speak to our professionals today.