5 Defining Traits of a Great Home Builder

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5 Defining Traits of a Great Home Builder

When you want to start building that dream house of yours, it is essential to find the right builder. But where do you start looking? What qualities should you look for?
Here are five of the defining traits of a great home builder, to ease your way in finding a successful home builder.

1. Experience and Reputation

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Without a doubt, the first thing to look for in a builder that will make that company a cut above the rest, is experience and reputation. What is their reputation and how many years of experience do they have? Do they have experience in the area where you want to build? This will give them the advantage to know all there is to know about permits, licenses, and legal matters that a builder must comply with in that specific county. You can then be assured that all requirements for your home will be adhered to, without fees and penalties popping up to be paid later. If they have built houses in that area before, they will also have knowledge of the terrain, sand type, and physical surroundings. This prepares them to know what to expect and plan. Don’t be afraid to drive around, ask around and see the builder’s completed projects and gain some insight into their work and get external reviews and testimonials.

A builder that has been in business for many years and has been awarded numerous awards for their building projects certainly has a good reputation and reason to stay in business.

2. A strong support system

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A great builder who has been in construction in a specific area for many years will have a stellar reputation with past clients and past collaborators, and a strong support system. When maintaining healthy relationships because of exemplary work and services, they will be able to negotiate best prices on your behalf, while not compromising quality.
The internal team of this experienced and successful home builder has the skill in handling all matters relating to building your dream home. They will stay on track with timelines of design, construction, and project management from start to finish.

3. Proper Communication and Documents

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The great home builder will have the documents readily available from the start of the project. With your initial meeting, every requirement and need from your side will be noted. Quotes will be accurate and complete, including all aspects, and guaranteed as part of the project.
The complete process and timeline will be stipulated in writing, as well as features, decorative surfaces, colors, and fixtures according to your taste and selection. The cost of the complete building process fulfilling your needs and essential must-haves for your new home will be detailed.
A great home builder will not only have the contract and specifications between you and their company but also their own warranties and their worker’s compensation and liability policies available for you to see.
Clear and thorough documentation gives you the peace of mind that you have an honest and transparent builder you can trust with one of the most expensive personal endeavors in your life.

The building team, architect, and project manager will collaborate closely with you with an understanding of your needs, providing unique ideas, expertise, and insight with high-quality home specs. You will have details of a contact person who is involved from the start, and available to answer your questions with knowledge of your house design and the building process.

4. Quality-focused and detailed orientated

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The great home builder will have quality standards that match or exceed your standards for your new home. The builder and your direct contact at the company will have the necessary information at all stages of the building process, nothing should get by them.
They can foresee possible problems and find solutions even before it occurs, without placing an extra financial or emotional burden on you.
An efficient home builder will have systems and processes in place to streamline the complex process of building your home on time.

5. Committed to Customer Service

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The great home builder will have you in mind when planning anything regarding the building of your luxurious family home. They are aware of your timeline, your budget, your preferences, your personality, your family – and anything else influencing the designing and building of your home.
Honesty and sincerity will be part of the negotiations and execution of the building process. The home builder will be open and honest about customizations, timelines, costs, unforeseen problems, and solutions.
Where to find a great home builder? With social media today it is easy to do research and find a builder online, read testimonials and see their work. Search on the internet, get a recommendation from an acquaintance or family member or check out this link for a personalized home building experience.